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IAS-ESS was conceived to provide a central repository for Invasive Alien Species monitoring. The main benefit is that it is generalised to allow any expert to track their area of concern, whilst allowing the data gathered to be specific enough to that particular organism.

To get started, register. You can then add a species for tracking, set up a 'watched' management area, or just submit sightings (though you can do that without registering, too). If the species you wish to track is already listed, you may wish to contact the expert who is currently monitoring it, and join forces!

The Invasives Research Group is involved in active development of control and management tools and techniques. IAS-ESS is one such tool, freely available to use by experts and citizen scientists.


IAS-ESS was conceived and developed by...

  • Concept

  • Dan Jones Dan Jones Swansea University PhD candidate: Japanese Knotweed s.l. taxa in Wales (UK): Management and Control dan@ias-ess.org
  • Steve Pike Steve Pike Concept, lead development & research steve@ias-ess.org
  • Dev team

  • Mark Allison Mark Allison Development
  • Martin Allison Martin Allison Development
  • Decio Battaglia Decio Battaglia GIS Development
  • James Frost James Frost (jameswfrost.co.uk) Lead iOS Development
  • Joran Kikke Joran Kikke iOS Development
  • Kieran Marron Kieran Marron Android Development
  • Design/Front-end

  • Xiaoying Riley Xiaoying Riley (3rdwavemedia.com) Web Design
  • Translators

  • Rayen Gonzalez Rayen Gonzalez Italian, Spanish
  • Cai Gwinnutt Cai Gwinnutt (@mrcai) Welsh
  • Xiaoying Riley Xiaoying Riley (3rdwavemedia.com) Chinese