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New Zealand pygmy weed

Crassula helmsii

New Zealand pygmy weed is a water-plant, growing in (aquatic form), around (emergent form) and even out of fresh water (terrestrial form). Pygmy weed looks very much like a houseplant/garden plant succulent (albeit with very small leaves!). Submerged, aquatic pygmy weed is the least easy to ID, though this is very useful! Leaves are fleshy and dense (particularly when pygmy weed emerges from the water) and leaves are not notched at the tips.

Pygmy weed grows rapidly, choking waterways and drainage channels, and may be present in faster-flowing water. Pygmy weed is present throughout the UK, particularly in the southeast of England, though it is moving north.

Example gallery

Source: GBNNSS

Source: GBNNSS

Source: GBNNSS

Source: GBNNSS

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